Senator launches petition against Election Day voting limitations

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CHAMPAIGN – Senator Scott Bennett is launching a petition after a federal judge order the Illinois State Board of Elections to block voter registration on Election Day this fall.

WAND News reported Tuesday, September 27, about the ruling which came as a result of officials say the law guaranteed the right to register and vote at polling places in some counties but not others. It was declared unconstitutional because it “created on set of rules for cities and another for rural areas.”

Now, Bennett is bringing forth a petition, saying he wants to inform voters about the ruling that will “suppress voter rights.”

“Voting is an essential right,” Bennett says.

According to his office, Champaign County saw record-breaking turnout for the 2016 primary election due in large part to same day registration. Bennett says taking away that option limits peoples’ ability to be involved in the democratic process.

“Everyone continues to say we need to find ways for more people to be engaged in the democratic process and take an active role in government. Taking away a method for students, seniors and area residents to be involved is counter-productive and undemocratic,” Bennett explains.

Bennett says those voters who still need to register can do so online, or they can stop in his campaign office at the Illinois Terminal Building, Suite 205, located at 45 E. University in Champaign.

The voter registration deadline is October 11. Residents can register in person until 4:30 PM at their local county clerk’s office and register online until 11:59 PM that night. More information about registering to vote can found in WAND’s recent story on registration.

Those interested in reading the petition can go to Bennett’s website.

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