Local Farmers Help Aid Injured Friend Wednesday


Newman - Small town communities are a tight knit.  Some say that farmers and their groups are even tighter.

When one of their own went down with an injury that would prevent them from going into the field for this year's harvest, a group of Douglas County farmers came together to help.  They say that's what the agricultural community does.  They're there for each other through the good times and the bad.

"We had one of our own have an accident about a month ago, and not that there's ever a good time for it, but being this close to harvest, we felt the need to see if we could rally the community together and help him with his corn harvest," said Douglas County farm bureau executive director Tyler Harvey.

Harvey knew that he, and others, could lend a helping hand by helping pick 230 acres of corn, in five fields, in just one day.

"We got help lined up, literally, within 24 hours.  I had heard back from everybody that's out here today and that they would indeed be here to help with the harvest," Harvey added.

Because with farmers, yellow means green.  Crops are what pay the bills, and puts food on the table, and when a friend needs help, you help.

"David has been a long-time friend, and we've been on the same soil and water board for 26 years, and you come help a friend in need.  And he'd do the same for me if i was in a pinch.  So, you just help a neighbor out," said Curt Clapper, one of almost 40 volunteers Wednesday.

"And today's volunteers, just out here as a prime example of how the agricultural community is when somebody is injured and needs help, they rally behind them with no questions asked," said Harvey.

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