World War I veteran’s grave marker to be returned to Rantoul cemetery

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RANTOUL – A grave marker belonging to a World War I veteran will finally return to its proper place after being found in a St. Joseph antique shop last year.

George Haworth was at that antique shop when he discovered a grave marker belonging to a World War I veteran. While the back of the grave marker listed the veteran’s name, military unit and day of his death, it did not contain any further information.

“I didn’t know where the marker belonged, but I knew at that moment I wanted to do everything I could to return it to its rightful place,” Haworth says.

After his initial search did not yield any results, he brought his quest to the attention of State Senator Scott Bennett and State Representative Chad Hays’ office. They were able to discover the marker belonged to Clyde E. Maham, a veteran who is buried at Maplewood Cemetery in Rantoul. He had served in the Marine Corps from March 1917 until his discharge in December 1919.

Senator Bennett says it is crucial to honor the men and women who serve the United States.

“Whether their sacrifices were made during World War I or are currently being made across the glove, it is important to honor the dedication and sacrifices they have made to our country,” Bennett explains.

A rededication ceremony will take place on Saturday, October 1, during which the grave marker will be returned to Maham’s gravesite at Maplewood Cemetery in Rantoul. It will begin at 10 AM.

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