The Mount Pulaski Community Comes Together To Support a Young Boy Recovering From Brain Surgery

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September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and one small town in central Illinois is coming together to support one young boy's battle with the disease.

10-year-old Landon Watkins recently under-went his second brain surgery for a brain tumor he calls bob.

The small town of Mount Pulaski is where Landon lives, and his community wanted to make sure he knew just how much they cared.

Love and support has been provided to Landon ever since his family announced he needed a second brain surgery.

"His first surgery went good and he was very strong through it to but this one we knew was going to be more than his first one, and he has definitely held strong throughout all of it," Said Landon’s Sister Katelin Eskew

The community of Mt. Pulaski has been showing strong support for Landon’s tough battle.  

"He's had a rough few days and you know they are always there to try and pick him up through words through prayers or anything they need," expressed Angie Ford, who created the Land Strong Facebook Page.

Those words Angie is referring to have been shared across Facebook, and even on t-shirts.

The day of Landon’s second surgery his elementary school teachers, students, and even the high school soccer team showed him support by wearing team Landon t-shirts.

"Landon is just a fantastic kid I mean he's every teacher’s dream. He's polite he's hard working; he tries really hard he just a great kid… a friend to everybody," Said Rob Siebert Landon’s 4th grade teacher.

However, support for Landon doesn’t stop a Facebook Page and T-shirts.

"We've got a medical fund at Farmers Bank here in town if anybody wants to donate just to help with Landon’s expenses," added Angie.

The small town of Mount Pulaski continues to unify, creating a larger difference.

"There are so many things that divide us and this is just something that bring us together really what matter," Said Rob.

All while continuing to stay Landon Strong.

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