SIU Unveils Family Medicine Center Expansion Thursday


Springfield - The SIU School of Medicine unveiled the expansion of its SIU Center for Family Medicine on Thursday afternoon.

The clinic, which mainly serves low-income families, doubled its space to more than 60,000 feet.

The school said that the space was needed because the number of patients had doubled, reaching 60,000 people a year since 2012, with the hopes of possibly reaching 75,000 a year starting in 2016.

The center's chairperson said the mission is to continue to improve the health of as many patients as possible.

"We have 48 new exam rooms.  We have new procedure rooms.  We have rooms for behavioral health integration.  All kinds of wrap around services to better serve them and improve their health outcomes," said Dr. Janet Albers, professor of Community and Family Medicine at SIU.

The family medicine center is located 520 north 4th Street in Springfield.

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