Robbie Patton Arraigned in Champaign County Court

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Urbana- Robbie Patton is facing six charges for the September 25 shooting near the University of Illinois campus that took the life of one person and injured four others.

Patton appeared in arraignment court via a video feed from the Department of Corrections Friday afternoon, where he was officially charged for the shootings.

He is facing 3 counts of first degree murder for the shooting death of George Korchev. Each count carries a sentence of 20-60 years, with an additional 25 years added for use of a firearm. The charges also carry up to a $25,000 fine. He also facing 3 counts of aggravated battery with a firearm, one for each victim he shot. Each count carries a sentence of 6-30 years, as well as a fine up to $25,000.

Patton listened quietly as Judge Olmstead read each charge. He is being appointed a defense attorney by the state.

Patton is due back in court October 11,2016 at 2:00 pm for a preliminary hearing.

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