"The Scream" Now Open

Decatur -

There's ghosts, goblins, and ghouls. A popular Decatur haunted house is open and ready to scare those brave enough to enter.

This year marks the 9th year for The Scream Haunted Adventure located on West El Dorado Street in an old Mueller Co. warehouse.

About 100 creepy creatures jump out in more than 40 rooms. Gary Moore, the head of Creatures of the Night Group, believes its sure to be frightful.

"Everything is new every year. We've been working hard to switch things around, change things around," says Moore, "So when they go through things this year, they won't know what to expect. People have a good memory."

New monsters and new scenes are expected to have nearly 6,000 visitors screaming and squirming this Halloween season.

"We have about 100 volunteers working here," explains Lori Sturgill, the director of Decatur Celebration. "We have a lot of zombies, we have a lot of your favorite scary movie characters, we have a lot of witches that will be here, but not your typical stereotypical witches, of course!"

"We're going to have two glow stick nights where we're going to turn the lights down," says Moore. "We may shut them off, so you'll go through a pitch-black haunted house with glow sticks. That is fun."

The Scream offers a paranormal tour led by a paranormal investigator, Mark Edgecombe, who uses a ghost box to talk to spirits.

"A couple years ago we estimated over 100 in the entire building," says Edgecombe, "We talk to the spirits, get a little history of Decatur. We've talked to Indians, Civil War soldiers, you never know who's coming through."

The terror doesn't stop there. There's also an after hours paranormal warehouse tour and zombie laser tag.

The Scream is open Fridays and Saturdays from 7pm-11pm. It is a fundraiser for the Decatur Celebration. Sturgill hopes to raise more than $40,000 this year.

For more information on ticket prices and attractions, visit decaturscream.com.

Other haunted houses also open around Central Illinois tonight. Freak Show in Champaign opens tonight at 7pm. Boo Crew in Mechanisburg opens tonight at 7pm. Terror on Washington Street in Clinton opens Friday, October 7 at 7pm.

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