SEIU Pickets at UIUC

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Champaign- Members of SEIU Local 73 took to the University of Illinois campus to let the university know they are tired of working without a contract.

The over 700 member union has been working since the end of July without a contract, despite several meetings with the university. The union which includes food service workers and building workers, say they aren't being treated with respect from the university.

Longtime union member Ricky Baldwin, and assistant director of SEIU Local 73, says he has never seen proposals like the university is offering now. "The university wants them to work more than 8 hours in day without getting overtime, they want to raise their parking rates and at the same time, the state is talking about doubling or more what they pay for their health insurance they can't afford this" he said.

SEIU is hoping they can bring in a federal mediator to help reach an agreement before a strike becomes necessary.

Their last contract was reached after a three-day strike in 2013.

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