Long Time Decatur Detective Heads for Retirement


Decatur-The Decatur Police Department held a retirement party for Deputy Chief Cody Moore.  The Deputy Chief of Criminal Investigations is retiring after 26 years with the force. 

Originally a teacher, Moore said he would go with his wife when her job required her to go pick up runaways at the police station at night.  He says he just fell into it, but it was good fit.  After a few years he started teaching recruits and let him use his teaching abilities. 

Over his 26 years he worked in Patrol, Investigations, SWAT and Sniper among other things.  Moore says he's ready to pay attention to his family and will take his first three months of retirement to do so.  He is also ready to not be on call, after 26 years, he says he can leave his phone on the table and walk away. 

At the brief ceremony Chief Jim Getz talked about Moore's Award of Valor given to him in 1996.  He presented Moore with his retirement badge and thanked him for his years of dedicated service to the Decatur Community.

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