A Hero's Homecoming

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Rantoul- It's unknown when exactly Clyde Maham's gravestone was removed from his grave site, but it is now back home where it belongs. 

It all started a year ago, when George Hawoth found the headstone while antique shopping in St. Joseph. "I found the grave marker at an antique store in St. Joe's and didn't realize what was going to happen until I turned it over and saw the name on it and after that. That was it,  this is going to go home, one way or another where ever it belonged, it's going home" he recalled. 

Haworth, a Commandant Marine Corps League at Major Kenneth D. Bailey, Detachment #824, in Danville, immediately went to work after purchasing the headstone. He worked for countless hours trying to find the resting place of who this headstone belonged to. It wasn't until August 7, when he ran into Representative Chad Hays and Senator Scott Bennett that he was able to find where Clyde Maham was buried. He learned that Clyde Maham was a World War I veteran from Rantoul. 

Upon hearing Maham was a veteran, Haworth made sure he received a hero's ceremony. "The price I paid for it, doesn't compare to price I feel putting it back" he said. "It's back where it belongs and hopefully it stays there"

A re-dedication ceremony was held at Maplewood Cemetery in Rantoul that was attended by dozens, including the Great-Nephew of Clyde Maham, Kenneth Carter. "It's an incredible feeling it really is. I'm so proud to be related to this guy, although I never met him of course. He must have been one incredible guy" Carter said of the ceremony. 

This whole ceremony was a welcomed surprise to Carter, whose only regret was that his mother was not here to see her Uncle honored for being the American Hero that he was. "I just wish my mom could have been here. My mom just passed away this past November and she would have been ecstatic over this if she would have known this" he said. "So, I am kind of doing it in honor of her too, she would have been so proud" 

It was day to show that while Maham may have passed away close to a century ago, he will never be forgotten. 

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