Biggest Loser's Winners Visit Millikin Homecoming


DECATUR- NBC'S Biggest Loser Winners Season 17, twins Roberto and Luis Hernandez not only won hundreds of thousands of dollars but the Millikin Alums visited their old stomping grounds just in time for Homecoming Weekend. 

Ultimate winner Roberto, won $250,000 and lost 160 lbs. Brother Luis won, $100,000 in a home prize and also lost 139 lbs. The twins shared a little about their experience on the show.

They said, "people always wonder how it is to be on TV and its just, carry on as your normal self and working and working out. For us it was working out and watching what we ate and making sure we win the challenges when we were up against everyone else. one thing to another once the cameras there maybe the first time or the first couple of times they were there it was like whoa we're on tv. but Jen made sure that we forgot about it. Jen kicked out butts and once we started working out with her everything was second nature to us."

Both currently work as PE teachers in Cicero, Illinois. To find out more about their journey on the show follow the link. 

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