Young Girls Participate in a Fashion Show That Encourages Body Positivity

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Body positivity is something we always like to promote but never talk about. Saturday night one dance studio in Decatur took it upon themselves to make sure all young girls feel beautiful.

The Dance Center in Decatur is always encouraging young girls to follow their dreams, and Saturday night they showed young girls that they are most beautiful when they are being themselves

It's a lesson for all ages. 

"There's a lot of insecurities that girls go through now a days and we really feel like this event is good for girls to learn right now at a young age so that you can be confident and learn that you have an inner beauty and that you should shine bring with that," Said Arianna Shelton who organized the event, and is a teacher at The Dance Center. 

The Strut and Shop event gave young girls an opportunity to show off their favorite outfits, while also learning deeper values and important messages.

"They use their brains and they use their personality and their confidence to earn and do the things they want in life and never use their bodies," Said Michi Barber co-owner of The Dance Center. 

Giving girls a moment to shine in the spotlight while, also learning lessons that will guide them down a positive path.

"Everybody is different and they can all be beautiful in different ways, and to build other people up as well. Girls to unite together and we need to do this together and i think this event is a really awesome way to show that," added Arianna.

Showing girls how to be positive role models.

"Our kids today need to see role models, not only on the national scale but also on the local scale as well. I think it's important for the girl to see you can succeed no matter where your from or what you do,"Said Katie Bulava whose daughter participated in the event. 

The event also helped shed  a positive light on dance.

"I just want to make sure people know that dance is still a good thing and a wholesome thing for their children to do," expressed Michi.

Making sure young girls take their time growing up.

"In society today  we really encourage our girls to grow up way to fast so events like this show that you don't have to do that," added Katie. 

The girls where taught manners, as well well as how to treat others, all while making sure each and every one of them are comfortable in their own skin


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