Decatur Airport Celebrates 70 Years

Decatur -

The Decatur Airport is celebrating 70 years in the same location. The airport's director, Tim Wright, says aviation has been in Decatur for more than 100 years.

Wright says having an airport in Decatur is not only great for the local economy, it's a great way for Decatur residents to get out and see the world.

The airport offers six commercial flights to Chicago and St. Louis everyday, along with 125 daily operations.

"The airport provides a lot of support to the community in the avenue of revenue, jobs, job creation, and it's a way for people from Decatur and surrounding communities to leave Decatur and go see the rest of the world from here," says Wright.

Wright says moving forward, he'd like to see the airport increase passenger service so that more people are flying through Decatur. He says he would also like to see more cargo come in.

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