Rock music ensemble to tour 26 cities, including Champaign, for live horror movie performance

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CHAMPAIGN – A band from Austin, Texas, is starting a new Halloween ritual, and they are bringing it to the Art Theater in Champaign this October.

The Invincible Czars – a band that is self-proclaimed eclectic and exuberant rock meets composed music ensemble – will be touring 26 cities throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and South reviving the 1922 German Expressionist silent horror classic “Nosferatu” with their new score, performed live in theaters.

One of those stops is in Champaign, Illinois, at the locally known Art Theater Co-op, as part of the theater's Shocktober 2016 movie festivities.

The Austin-based quintet will bring their own haunting and entertaining version of the Nosferatu score to audiences of all ages and interests in Illinois and 14 other states throughout October.

A previous tour of the film this past spring saw sold-out shows and full houses in western and gulf coast states. According to representatives for the band, the addition of the score make the near century-old movie “actually scary” for modern day audiences with the band’s “cinematic sensibility and precise performances.”

The film was originally scored by Hans Erdmann and composed to be performed by an orchestra during the projection, but it is said the original music was recorded during a screening of the film. However, most of the score has been lost.

The Art Theater Co-op’s screening of the film with live music by The Invincible Czars will take place October 23 at 8 PM. The band encourages attendees to dress for the Halloween season at these shows.

A complete list of the cities playing host to the special screenings can be found here.

Photo courtesy of The Invincible Czars

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