Multi-Million Dollar Comeback


DECATUR- After a grant worth a few million dollars was frozen once Governor Pat Quinn left office, Howard G. Buffett stepped back in to keep his end of the promise to continue the efforts of the Lakeshore Landing project. 

Those efforts come complete with a $3.9 million dollar gift to the Park District and the City of Decatur for a state of the art Ampitheatre. The new venue will serve as a host for concerts, events, festivals and much more. The construction will begin April 2017. 

Buffett announced this gift along with an additional $2 million dollar donation to Scovill Zoo to expand their current train track. 

He said, "i think that its one of the things you have to build on its one of the attractions Decatur kind of has two things that you can build on neither one of them are huge but they are both big enough to work.  And that is the lake and downtown. You just have to focus on what it is you can do."

For more on the plan follow the link. 

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