More Economic Growth for Decatur, Aramark to Open New Warehouse

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Decatur -

Economic growth continues in Decatur, the Decatur City Council voted in favor of a zoning change that will bring a new warehouse to the city.

The city of Decatur is always working to create more jobs and boost the local economy, tonight the council approved a measure that’s doing just that.

Aramark will soon have a new facility in the city of Decatur.

"It's going to be a warehouse and distribution facility. Aramark does a lot throughout this community but also throughout really the state throughout the nation for that matter," Said assistant city manager Billy Tyus.

The facility is already going through its first stages of construction, and the105,000 square foot facility is what the city calls a growing industry.

"In this day and age it's one of the growth industries in our country and in our community, it's one of the things we are trying to encourage here in Decatur," added Tyus.

The council voted to change the zoning from residential to industrial as well as annex the property into the city.

Now, city leaders are working with Aramark on the details.

"We are currently reviewing plans and working through some of the details and items that are related to that. So the project is moving forward and we are excited about it," expressed Tyus.

This new development is a step in the right direction.

"We keep an existing business here, it means we retain and potentially grow jobs and do the kinds of things we all talk about wanting to do," said Tyus.

60 jobs that are currently located at Aramark's Hubbarb Ave location will transfers to the new facility once its open.                

Aramark has started initial construction on the site, but no word yet on when the facility will be fully constructed.

In other Decatur City Council business, plans were discussed for repairs to the city's sanitary sewer system.  42 million dollars in projects were suggested for between now and 2027. The city hopes to increase sewer cleaning and de-rooting, improve sewer engineering and reduce basement backups, among other changes. Decatur will also need four new workers if the EPA approves the plan.

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