West Central Bank Offering Passport Registration Days


SPRINGFIELD -- If you're traveling outside the country, you'll need a passport.  The process can be unclear to some, which is why a couple of agencies are working together to make it easier for those in need of the important travel document.

West Central Bank will team up with the Sangamon County Clerk's office on consecutive Saturdays to help people apply for passports.

“West Central Bank is enthusiastic with our partnership with the Sangamon County Circuit Clerk’s office to provide this service to our local community members,” said Community President Jay Barnes.

Circuit Clerk Paul Palazzolo noted that this is a great way for his office to serve the public and make the passport application process easier for everyone. “Planning family vacations is stressful enough. We’ll do whatever we can to make the passport step worry-free.”

Passport applications can be done at West Central Bank at 3600 Wabash Avenue from 9am to noon on Saturday, October 8, and against on Saturday, October 15.

Usual passport fees will apply, and applicants will receive their passports within 25 business days.
Oct. 04, 2016- West Central Bank, in partnership with Sangamon County Circuit Clerk Paul Palazzolo’s office, will be offering convenient passport registration days to the public.  This service offers an easy way to obtain this important travel document.   
Things you'll need:

•    Certified copy of your birth certificate (no photocopies or hospital certificate)
•    Valid photo ID
•    Approved passport photo
•    Certified copies of court orders for name change, custody or adoption decrees
•    Two checks or money orders to pay applicable fees

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