Dem's & GOP Fight For State Senate Seats


Decatur – State Senate Democrats will retain their majority on election day, November 8th.  The question will be how many seats will they keep.

There are 59 seats in the Illinois Senate.  Democrats control 39, Republicans 20.  Forty seats are up for grabs, but Republicans won’t have enough contests to gain the number of seats they would need to take control.

However, the election could see voters send a message.  If Republicans are successful in picking up seats it may be an indication voters are tired of the status quo.  If not, it may be a signal they are happy with the way things are.

“The incumbents appear to be doing very, very well.  So we’re pretty much seeking to pick-up seats,” stated Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno, (R) Lemont, during a visit to Decatur last week.

In a Decatur visit on Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader John Cullerton, (D) Chicago, felt his party will have a strong showing.

“We do better in presidential years then in non-presidential years,” Cullerton told WAND’s Doug Wolfe.  “This being a presidential year should help us.  But then again that’s our key.  We have more people that want to vote for us, we just have to make sure that they vote.

Cullerton was in Decatur to attend a candidate’s forum at Richland Community College sponsored by the Student Government Association.

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