Macon Co. Clerk: In need of Republican election judges

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MACON COUNTY – Macon County Clerk Steve Bean says his office is in need of Republican voters to serve as election judges for this upcoming election.

“People want a fair and honest election. Only with the help of individuals serving as election judges the system works,” Bean explains.

Bean says election judges are officers of the court, and that there needs to be equal representation.

Currently, the Macon County Clerk’s Office is looking for Republican election judges to serve in the following townships: Decatur (mostly inner city of Decatur), Hickory Point (north of Pershing Road), Friends Creek (Argenta) and Maroa. Bean says, in some cases, judges may be required to work outside of their home area.

“The recent court decision restricting Election Day voter registration to the County Clerk’s Office will lessen the burden of precinct workers. The new voting equipment should also be easier to manage,” Bean adds.

Election judges must attend a training session, which last from two to three hours, in order to serve. They would work 5 AM until work is completed after the polls close at 7 PM on November 8. Additionally, judges should also be available to help on Monday to set up the polling place.

Those who serve are paid $150 for their help.

Anyone interested in becoming an election judge should call 217-424-1305 to sign up or get more information.

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