Found Guilty, Proven Innocent


SPRINGFIELD- Since 1989, there are 1,886 exoneration's of wrongfully accused people in the United States with 175 of them being in Illinois.

The Illinois Innocence Project based out of UIS, is responsible for 9 of those in Illinois. As a non-profit the organization utilizes assistance from undergraduates at the university as well as staff attorney's that work to seek justice for those who are serving time for a crime they did not commit.

Staff Attorney for Illinois Innocence, Lauren Myerscough-Mueller said, "we try to make the system do what its supposed to we look for the truth. And we are not trying to free guilty people to get out on the street but we want people who are innocent to be living their lives and we want the right people in prison."

Observing International Wrongful Conviction Day, the UIS campus set out 1,886 flags on campus to represent the innocence lives regained who were once victims of wrongfully judged cases.

Former student, Faith Hook said, "as people on the outside always want things and its a lot of physical things and really when you hear these people talk who were in prison all they want is to see their family, touch their mom, or hug them."

For more information on this effort and to find out how you can help follow the link. 

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