Del Carmen's Pizza East ruled arson

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DECATUR -  Del Carmen's pizza on 22nd street in Decatur caught fire September 29th, and now investigators think someone set the fire.

"The fire department determined through part of their investigations they believed it was an arson. After talking to the fire department the Decatur police department classified it as an aggravated arson because were three apartments on top of the building two of which were occupied at the time," Said Steve Carroll Investigating Sergeant with Decatur PD. 

No one was hurt in the fire, and those who lived above the  restaurant got out safely while some had smoke inhalation. Now, none of those people have a home. The owners say they aren't sure if or when they will be able to re-open.

"They aren't allowing me to go in and do anything yet. So, i have to wait until they give us the all clear and say you're able to go ahead. Hopefully then we will estimates and figure out how soon hopefully we can get back in business," Said Larry Stanley owner of Del Carmen's East. 

Decatur Police are still looking for leads.

"we're thinking it was maybe a possible break in but we aren't for sure, and maybe to cover up part of the crime and we have been doing some follow up investigations," Said Sergeant Carroll. 

The owners are most concerned about their customers.

"Sorry to all our loyal customers and we hope to see you back when we get done," added Stanley.

Larry says it could me another three to four weeks before they get an estimate on how much damage the arson caused.

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