One adult, two teens arrested for stealing cars, burglaries

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CHAMPAIGN – Champaign Police say three people are now in custody after they were found in possession of three stolen vehicles and other stolen property.

Officers took 19-year-old Malikk H. Dillon, of Champaign, along with a 14-year-old and 15-year-old, into custody Tuesday, October 4, at 6:50 AM. Authorities found the three in the 300 block of Kenwood with stolen vehicles and other property taken from other vehicles.

Police were dispatched at 6:27 AM responding to a report of a vehicle being broken into in the 4000 block of Copper Ridge. The witness, who was also the victim of the burglary, told police he saw three people who he believed were burglarizing his car. They then fled in what was later determined to be a stolen Volvo.

The victim was able to take down the license plate number and give it to police.

When police found Dillon, he was removing items from another vehicle. They then found a stolen Jeep and Honda van with two teenagers hiding inside. Those teenagers were also carrying stolen property.

Dillon was taken to the Champaign County Jail and faces charges of Burglary to Motor Vehicles and Possession of Stolen Property.

The two teenagers have been taken to the Champaign County Juvenile Detention Center and face the same charges.

Champaign Police are reminding residents to be vigilant as they have recently seen a county-wide increase in both residential and motor vehicle burglaries. 32 separate individuals have been arrested for 21 vehicle burglary cases since June 1, and 22 of those arrested were juveniles.

Residents are encouraged to “Lock it. Hide it. Keep it,” and if you “See Something. Say Something.”

Authorities continue to follow through with this investigation and encourage anyone with information related to these crimes to call the Champaign Police Department at 217-351-4545 or Crime Stoppers at 217-373-8477, to submit a tip anonymously.

The Department also has a list of safety tips to avoid burglaries on their website.

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