Springfield Leaders Accepting Role of 2016 "Real Men Wear Pink"


Springfield - The month of October is known for leaves changing colors, and the color of the fall countryside.

But for many, the only color that matters in the month of October is pink, in honor of breast cancer awareness.

Sixteen men supporting a cause that impacts families across the country, including Springfield police chief Kenny Winslow, as well as others like state representative Tim Butler (R-Springfield), are the faces of this year's American Cancer Society's "Real Men Wear Pink" campaign in Springfield.

"It's a great way to raise awareness of the impact of cancer," said Butler.

It's a disease that effects families across the country every day.

"One out of every eight women, in their lifetime, will be diagnosed with breast cancer.  About 300,000 women per year are diagnosed with breast cancer in this country," said Dr. Robert Mocharnuk of the SIU School of Medicine.

For people like Tim Butler, having lost family members to cancer, being a part of something like "Real Men Wear Pink" is a way to help raise awareness.

"Having both parents who died from cancer, so cancer is a personal issue for me.  Cancer effects so many people, so i think it's important to raise awareness.  This month, in October, for many years now, we've tried to raise awareness for breast cancer so it's great to see so many people recognizing it across the country," added Butler.

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