75 Children Fleeing Central America because of Hurricane Matthew will find a Place in Illinois


Chicago- Illinois will provide assistance to some of the most vulnerable victims of Hurricane Matthew. 

Approximately 75 children, unaccompanied minors fleeing poverty, hunger and violence from their homelands in Central America, will be arriving in Illinois from Florida following their emergency evacuation to escape the destruction of Hurricane Matthew.

“We are grateful that the state of Illinois, through the hard work of Heartland Alliance, can offer these young children a temporary, safe home. It is important that in a time of crisis we all remember to offer a helping hand,” Governor Rauner said.

Illinois Department of Children and Family Services Director George Sheldon says “These children are seeking refuge in this country out of desperation to leave behind the dangerous conditions they faced in Central America, so we are grateful that Heartland Alliance has stepped forward to provide temporary space for them until they can safely return to Florida.”

For the next 30 days, these children will remain under the auspices of Heartland Alliance until they can safely return to Florida.

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