Evidence in Question for the Trial of Gregory Houser

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Piatt County - The man police believe murdered his wife in 1990 plead not guilty Friday morning. Gregory Houser is charged with four counts of murder for the murder of Sheryl Houser. Sheryl Houser was found dead on October 5th, 1990.

In a preliminary hearing Friday, Houser and his legal team discussed controversy regarding a used condom found with both Sheryl and Greg House's DNA. The used condom was found at the murder scene where Sheryl Houser's body was found partially hanging.

Houser's lawyer, Kevin Sanborn, believes it should not count as evidence saying " There were other states attorneys, who had this case who didn't file a charge given the same evidence. There are other investigators who had the same evidence, who didn't make an arrest or accuse Gregory of murder in the case. Because the evidence simply isn't sufficient even for probable cause."

Also discussed in court, the previous allegations against Houser stalking and sexually assaulting his wife. Houser was arrested for battery against Sheryl on August 9th, 1990. Houser's friend and coworker at the time, Tim Bird, testified saying he and Houser a month later spied on Sheryl on September 9th. The next day Sheryl Houser called police saying her husband, who she was separated from at the time, sexually assaulted her. Then just two weeks later is when Sheryl's body was discovered hanging in the garage.

At the coroner's inquest in July, Forensic Pathologist Dr. Scott Denton testified saying there is enough evidence to now determine Sheryl Houser was murdered by manual strangulation.

Houser's attorney tried for him to get bail but it was denied. Sheryl's sister Renee Fehr took the stand saying she fears for her family ."He killed Sheryl to stay in control. She's the one he had lost control over and she was the target. Today, none of us know who may be the target this time. Is it me? my sisters? My parents her boys? Our families?" Renee pleaded to the judge.

The trial of Gregory Houser will begin January 3rd, 2017.

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