New Dog Park Securing Safety for Canine Community


JACKSONVILLE- After the Jacksonville community won a $100,000 grant from PetSafe to build a new dog park last July, anticipation for the project has been on the minds of many. Saturday, the grand opening for the new 7 acre park ushered in dog owners, fidos big and small and some without any animals at all. 

President of the Jacksonville Bark Park initiative Abbi Stevens said, "I had a 2 year old lab that got hit. And I thought we were in a safe place I thought we were running him in a safe area and you know bad things happen. Pretty much that fueled my fire and got me so involved with this knowing that there is a need for a large safe place that dogs can run off leash  and it also brings a community together. I've seen so many people out here today that don't even have a dog."

This is just the first phase for the park. There are 2 more phases in the works. 

For more information just follow the link.

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