Stride Against Breast Cancer Creates Life Long Relationships for Survivors

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Springfield, IL -

1 in 8 women will experience  breast cancer in their life time. Saturday morning the American Cancer Society took strides to reduce that number to zero by hosting their annual walk.

Breast cancer survivors rang a bell for every year they've been affected by cancer. 

"I think by being up beat and having such great support team that has helped me a lot along the way," Said Barb Reynolds who has been living with breast cancer for 19 years. 

Barb has been strong through her battle, that isn't over yet. 

" Now that I found out I'm stage 4 of course originally I thought I was going to die from this but, like i said it's been a year and a half and I'm still going strong," added Barb. 

She credits her strength to the American Cancer Society, and it's efforts to connect those suffering from the disease.

"It's just nice to know somebody else is behind you, and then you make friends with all the other survivors and kind of compare notes about what makes you feel good and what can help you out," expressed Barb. 

The Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk allows survivors to tell their story.

"Ever since I was diagnosed I decided that being a volunteer was the way I could show my passion and help other people," said Kristina Young

 who is a co-chair of the event and a breast cancer survivor. 

The event also help family members who have lost a loved one to the battle, heal. 

"Even though I lost my sister and it's hard for me and my family, I have met so many new people and it's just very up lifting to know that these people have a place to go with the American Cancer Society," added Teri Dambacher co-chair of the event. 

Those fighting breast cancer received encouragement to keep fighting. 

"Actually speaking to someone thats going through the same thing, going through chemo therapy, going through radiation experiencing all of the affects of that its really nice to have someone else that understands," Added Kristina. 

The event also recognizes survivors for their victory. 

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