D-Town Throw Down Another Success


DECATUR- The Soy City found another successful year for Cross Fit Enhance's D-Town Throw Down. The event gathers hundreds of cross fit teams from across the region and local to compete in hopes of being crowned the "fittest" competitor(s).

This year was the 4th year for the event and one cross fitter and emcee of the evenings event Aaron Largent said, "you can come here this weekend and look at the competition and these are the best of the best but we have athletes ranging from 16 our cross fit teens all the way over 60 because the cross fit--whats nice about it is its adaptable we  can do movements for every age range every type of body fit and anybody can come in and you can adapt and everyone can do the same workout every day as they see fit and get exercise and get moving."

For more information on Cross Fit Enhance follow the link.

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