Trump Fallout In Illinois


Taylorville – House Speaker Paul Ryan announced Monday he will not campaign with Donald Trump and will instead focus on House races.  He joins other Republicans like Rep. Rodney Davis, (R) Illinois, who are trying to distance themselves from the GOP nominee.

Over the weekend a 2005 video surfaced of Trump making lewd and vulgar remarks about women.  Congressman Davis rescinded his endorsement of Trump.  He will not endorse Hillary Clinton.  Like Ryan, Davis says he wants Republicans to focus on keeping the House and Senate out of Democratic control.

“Because what that gave us last time, that gave us Obamacare,” Davis told WAND’s Doug Wolfe in Taylorville.  “It gave us a trillion-dollar debt because of a stimulus bill that didn’t provide stimulus.  Those are the types of decisions that take place when Nancy Pelosi has the speakers gavel and I’m going to fight against that.”

In Jacksonville, Senator Dick Durbin criticized Trump.

“What he said was horrible, unacceptable and didn’t set a good standard for anyone that lives in this country.  But it’s not the first time he said something that was an outrage.  It’s a pattern that really raises, in my mind, a serious question about his capacity to serve.”

An NBC News / Wall Street Journal poll, conducted over the weekend before the debate, shows Hillary Clinton has jumped out to an 11-point lead nationally.  

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