Decatur Parks Board to Discuss the Possible Closing of Scovill Golf Course

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Decatur -

Rumors were circulating today surrounding a closure date for Scovill Golf Course.

The park district tells WAND News while a possible closure could be in the future, it has not been voted on yet.

To many, a game of golf is a summer staple.

"I love getting outdoors and being with all of my friends and just having a good time, and it’s great exercise," says Randy Roberson, an avid golfer.

"I’m a good putter, so I enjoy rolling the ball and seeing it fall in the cup, " added Ray Bliefnick.

However, the number of people playing golf continues to dwindle.

"Right now, we have three golf courses. Our golf numbers have been diminishing now for the last decade or more, significantly, " says Bill Clevenger, Executive Director of the Parks District in Decatur.  

The number of people playing golf isn’t only declining locally.  

"This is not just a local problem. Nationally, golf has been trying to figure out how to revitalize the game, how to grow the game, and how to create a better future," Clevenger adds.

Local golfers feel there are many flaws, with how the game of golf has developed over the years.

"The price of golf drives a lot of people away," expressed Roberson.

"Courses have to be player friendly. you've got to have a set up that’s going to encourage beginners and kids. So in Decatur what we are missing right now is a Par 3 course," added Bliefnick.

Due to that decline in numbers, Scovill Golf Courses future is at risk.

"Right now it's the least played course in the system. As we look at the whole system we look at where our rounds are being played, where those round counts are, what those round counts are. Then we make decisions based on actual empirical data," Said Clevenger.

Although no decisions have been made yet, the park’s board will decide in late fall or early winter where Scovill Golf Course stands moving forward.

Now, if Scovill Golf Course does end up closing, the parks department says the land will be re-purposed and created in to another form of service for the community.

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