Safety Tax Increase Could Save Macon County Sheriff's Office From Cutting Jobs

Decatur -

The November election is just weeks away. The Macon County Sheriff's Office is seeking a safety tax increase this election season.

Last week the Sheriff's Office announced they need to make a 7% budget cut, eliminating 11 specialty jobs, including patrol deputies and corrections employees.

If the tax levy is passed, the Macon County Sheriff's Office will not need to eliminate those positions.

"There is a safety tax that will be on next month's ballot for the citizens of Macon County for an additional quarter cent sales tax," explains Lieutenant Jon Butts. "It was passed in 2002 or 2003 originally for a quarter-cent tax, which basically means if you spend $100 in our community, it's a quarter. We're asking for another quarter, which would take it to 50 cents. If that was passed, our office would be able to function as it is now."

The Macon County Safety Tax will be on the ballot for the November 8th election.

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