Decatur Park District planning for The Future of Aquatics

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UPDATE: The Decatur Park District is looking into options about the future of Decatur's public pool.

The Executive Director for the Decatur Park District, Bill Clevenger, says the park district has been looking at aquatic needs for the past six to eight years and the city's public pool needs significant renovations.

"What we had now was built in the late 60s," explains Clevenger. "The bath house and some of the infrastructure was rebuilt in '91, so everything has aged and everything's reached a time that we have to reevaluate and determine what the best options are for the community."

The Decatur Park district is looking into three options: renovate the current Fairview Park site, which would cost more than $5 million; build a new aquatic center on the same site, which would cost more than $7 million; or build a brand new $9 million facility at Overlook Adventure Park in Nelson Park.

"There's expansion property there," says Clevenger, "We have property there for adequate parking. It's a highly visible area with security options, so it makes it a site we've talked about for a number of years."

Clevenger says, looking ahead, this project will affect the community for decades to come.

"We're looking at a 50 year life cycle. We're not planning for ten years or a couple of decades. We're really looking at a 40-50 year window."

A Timetable will be discussed in the coming months. Clevenger says he would like to see the renovations or new facility built within the next two to three years.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the city's aquatic plans, contact the Decatur Park District.

DECATUR – The Decatur Park District is currently exploring options to improve Decatur's Aquatic future.

A meeting which started at 5:30 PM on Tuesday, October 11, is outlining several options.

Councilman Hunsaker is doing a feasibility study. Three options are being presented. The first, renovate the current Fairview pool at the cost of $5.3 million. The second option would cost $7.5 million and would result in a new build at the Fairview Pool site. The third option would be to build a new pool at Overlook Adventure Park with the price tag of $9.2 million.

WAND News is at the meeting and will update this story with complete details later tonight.

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