Business Owner Sifts Through Ashes Following Fire Monday


Glenarm - An investigation is underway to discover what caused a Glenarm businesses to go up in flames Monday night.

A fire hot enough to bend steel, and flames that reached high enough to scorch tree branches.

That was the scene at RB Electric in Glenarm on Monday night.

"I was just sitting inside and all of a sudden it looked like somebody's parking lights were in the front of my house and I look out the window and that corner of the building just started going up over there in that corner by the tree.  At least he didn't have a whole bunch of equipment because I think he's got a bobcat and something else.  But at least they got it put out and I was surprised it didn't catch the other house over there on fire," said one witness.

The owner of RB Electric, Robert Beard, arrived to his shop shortly after midnight to see firefighters fighting the flames, as he faced the reality that his building may be a loss.

"In awe I guess, it's just pretty devastating. Couldn't believe that it was flattened like it is," said Beard.

While he may be without a shop for a while, Beard said that he'll still be in business and work will continue.

"It's been here probably 20 years, hoping to be back and get everything put back together.  And continue on," he added.

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