Sue Scherer participates in “Principal for a Day” program at Iles School

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Sue Scherer with students on Pajama Day Sue Scherer with students on Pajama Day

SPRINGFIELD – Representative Sue Scherer (D-Decatur) was in Springfield where she observed and interact with Iles School staff, administrators and students during the “Principal for a Day” program.

The program is hosted by the Illinois Principals Association.

Representative Scherer was taken on a tour of the school by Principal Kenyatta Revelle, where Scherer observed school activities and projects being worked on by students. Ten students were also selected to hold a Q & A session with Scherer about her job as a state representative.

The representative also relived her days as an educator by meeting with faculty members to discuss curriculum and ways to better meet the needs of today’s students.

“As a former teacher, I am always excited to have the opportunity to visit schools. As a legislator, I know the importance of the need to constantly be aware of what’s going on in schools, the needs of students, teachers, support staff, administrators and parents, and to do all I can to see that those needs are met,” Scherer explains.

Scherer did more than observe, as she also assisted teachers by providing instructional materials, including books on state symbols and government.

“Getting young people interested and involved in government and the legislative process is vital. They must learn the importance of being informed citizens,” Scherer adds.

Photo courtesy of the Office of Representative Sue Scherer

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