Decatur Police accepting applications for Auxiliary Officers

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DECATUR – The Decatur Police Department is looking for residents who want to help keep the community safe at community and civic events.

According to the Decatur Police’s website, the mission and purpose of the Decatur Police Auxiliary Unit is: “to augment the officers of the Decatur Police Department by providing crowd control and traffic control at community and civic events.”

The unit provides security for municipal properties, help provide emergency services during times of disasters and local emergencies and responds to call as designated by proper authorities.

Residents interested in serving as part of the auxiliary unit are encouraged to submit applications for a future training class.

Each prospective member must meet the following qualifications:

  • At least 21 years of age, but not more than 57 years of age
  • A High School graduate
  • A valid Illinois driver’s license
  • A valid Firearm Owner’s Identification Card

Applicants should also complete the application here, submit to a physical examination if indicated, background check of criminal activity and pass an oral interview.

Those selected receive 400 hours of training on various law enforcement topics, in-service training and Department approved firearms training during their first year.

Individuals must purchase his or her own Department approved firearm, flashlight and other personal equipment. Expenses for the equipment you must buy may exceed $700. Auxiliary Officers are required to perform at least 12 hours of approved duty-time per month. Holidays and Saturday events may require auxiliary participation.

Those interested in more information about the Auxiliary Unit can be found on the unit’s webpage.

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