Gov. Rauner creates Illinois Competitiveness Council to cut red tape

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ILLINOIS – Governor Bruce Rauner announced a new comprehensive plan that aims to promote economic growth and job creation by cutting the red tape in Illinois through the newly-created Illinois Competitiveness Council.

The Governor signed Executive Order 16-13 to review all agency rules and regulations.

Governor Rauner says these layers of rules and regulations have made it harder for small business and entrepreneurs in the state.

“It’s an endless line of red tape that creates a barrier for small businesses and entrepreneurs. By cutting the red tape, we are creating an environment where they can succeed,” Governor Rauner explains.

The Illinois Competitiveness Council will be comprised of a representative of each of Illinois’ regulatory state agencies. They aim to save residents at least $250 million in direct license fee costs over the next decade. That would save taxpayers and business owners an estimated 4 million pages in paperwork.

This council will work to ensure current regulations are up to date and relevant to today’s industries and practices; ensure the language in rules are easy to understand; reduce the amount of unduly burdensome requirement on businesses, social service providers, and citizens through both time and cost; and ensure there is a clear need for the regulation.

Additionally, the Council will be asking for recommendations to improve the state’s licensing environment to promote job growth and creation.

Founder of the Common Good, a nonpartisan reform coalition, Philip Howard says clearing out red tape will help everyone from doctors to small businesses.

“It’s hard to compete in a fast-moving world when hacking through a bureaucratic jungle. Modernizing regulation will make government better and Illinois more competitive,” Howard adds.

Kentucky, Indiana, Colorado and Massachusetts have also utilized similar reviews of their rules to cut red tape.

In order to have a bigger impact, the Illinois Competitiveness Council is seeking input from the public on which rules and regulations are the biggest hindrance to people and businesses. Anyone who wants to submit feedback should do so here.

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