Mattingley petitions for removal of attorney in Scott case

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DECATUR – In an update to a story WAND News has been following since September, Greg Mattingley has filed a petition calling for D. Peter Wise to be removed as Macon County Attorney Jay Scott’s attorney.

WAND News has been following this story since Mattingley, who is a Chairman of the Macon County Board Justice Committee, called for a special prosecutor to investigate Scott after various accusations were made against the current State’s Attorney.

According to Mattingley, these accusations come past and present employees of Scott’s, alleging misconduct of various natures.

Scott has openly called the accusations “dirty politics.”

Recently, D. Peter Wise had been appointed as the attorney in Scott’s attorney in the special prosecutor case.

Mattingley’s petition claims that Wise acting as the attorney for Scott would be a conflict of interest. Mattingley claims that Wise is the attorney for two defendants in two separate cases where Scott is the plaintiff. The entire document can be found below.

At this time, no special prosecutor has been appointed yet to investigate Scott.

Stay with WAND News for the latest on this investigation.

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