A Small Commitment for A Greater Good


DECATUR- The Decatur Police Department is seeking spots for new members of their auxiliary unit. Currently, at 31 officers they hope to reach nearly 40 if not more. 

Sgt. Brad Allen who has been with the DPD for nearly 19 years started his career by learning the ropes as an auxiliary officer. Undergoing the same training as standard officers, he said he knew this was the career fit for him. Allen said, "it kind of confirmed that I was in a career path that I was interested in and that I had the abilities and some of the skills that could transition and make me a good police officer."

According to Sgt. David Pruitt who is the Auxiliary Liaison for the department he said, "they are a volunteer group that helps the police department out- their first responsibilities is they do the parades, they work with all the 5K's making sure of traffic safety- they really help the police department out as far as numbers and also help the community out  because there is no tax dollars spent for these events."

If you are interested in becoming an auxiliary officer just follow the link. 

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