Sass and Brass Open House Invites Women to Take Self Defense and Fire Arms Classes

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At a moment’s notice, you could be in danger.

Monday night, a group called Sass and Brass held an open house to help women be prepared. The event was “a girl’s night out with a purpose,” showing women that they have options when it comes to defending themselves.

"We want to learn to protect, and it's become so important to us. We want to help other women have that opportunity,” says Suzie Phebus, one of the founding members of Sass and Brass. 

"It happened to me and I wasn't prepared. I made the decision, and I'm doing it now. Because ladies, the responsibility for your personal protection begins and ends with you," Suzie adds.

The four women that founded the group met at Midwest Swat Academy where the self-defense classes are taught.

Each woman has a story of a close encounter the inspired them to learn how to protect themselves.

"I'm a business owner in downtown Decatur, and I had a predator walk in my door," Suzie explains. 

"I'm single, and I live at home by myself. I have some acreage and the way the world is today… I think it's smarter for me to at least be prepared," says Dianna Dalluge, another one of the founding members. 

A simulation that allows women to practice shooting a gun teaches them situational awareness and makes them comfortable with the idea. 

"Being aware of what’s going on around you at all times... If you can see it coming before it happens... It's a huge deterrent, if you will, " explains Jeff Devore, an instructor at Midwest Swat Academy. 

Instructors also want women to know that they don't have to be a victim and can steps to prepare themselves for anything. 

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