The Secret Story Behind Black Bart's Pumpkin Patch

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WARRENSBURG- It's the place to go for fall favorites like pumpkin patches and corn mazes. Black Bart's Pumpkin Patch in Warrensburg has a hidden history behind its name. 

According to Owner Shirley Johner, the original Black Bart's Pumpkin Patch was named after an infamous robber in the 19th century.

She said, "Black Bart's is named after Charles Boles. He was born and raised east of Warrensburg, between Warrensburg and Decatur on a farm, and he went out to California and started robbing Wells Fargo stage coaches and became notorious as Billy the Kid or something. But he never shot anyone."

With the legend behind the name, the patch still brings out the crowds every year.

Johner explains, "This week should be fairly busy. People will come and get them and take them home and carve them."

To find out more about Black Bart's and visit the patch follow the link.

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