Another Group Graduating From Mental Health Court


DECATUR- Another round of participants in the Macon County Mental Health Court program graduated Tuesday. The program is designed for those who have committed non-violent crimes and affords an opportunity to get help for disabilities versus spending time behind bars. 

The Judge over the mental health court sees nothing but positive outcomes for those graduating participants. Judge Robert Bollinger said, "they often times are successful and they do not return to criminality as we have seen from the statistics today--for these graduates. And from our last group of graduates we had a very low rate of recidivism."

One of the graduates from the program said it has changed him for the better. Yange Dimah said, "under normal circumstances someone with a mental illness might go to jail. But that's not necessarily where they need to be in terms of getting the proper treatment and achieving their goals. Because you are not a criminal you're just sick--so you just need that help."

The average amount of time it takes participants to complete this program is a year and a half. 

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