Next Meeting Scheduled in Debate over Decatur Aquatics Future


DECATUR -- The weeks-long discussion in regards to the future of Decatur's public pool will continue next week.

The Decatur Park District is reviewing its options when it comes to the current pool at Fairview Park, much of which hasn't been updated in 25 years or more. Among three options that have been discussed, a renovation of that facility would be the least expensive, costing about $5.3 million. There is also an option to build an entirely new pool at Fairview Park for $7.5 million.

The third, and most expensive, would be a new facility in Nelson Park, adding to recently-built amenities at Overlook Adventure Park.  The estimated price tag there would be $9.2 million.

After their last public meeting, Bill Clevenger, Executive Director for the Decatur Park District, said all of these proposals have been in the works for years.

"What we had now was built in the late 60s," said Clevenger. "The bath house and some of the infrastructure was rebuilt in '91, so everything has aged and everything's reached a time that we have to reevaluate and determine what the best options are for the community."

The next meeting will be held on October 25 from 5:30-7pm at the Scovill Golf Course Banquet Facility.  That's at 3909 W. Main Street in Decatur.

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