UPDATE: Review clears Mahomet officer's actions in May 7, 2016 shooting

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UPDATE: New video footage and crime scene photos are now released regarding the case surrounding Dracy Clint Pendleton, the man who shot a Mahomet Police Officer, sparking a week-long man hunt.

Hundreds of crime scene photographs, dash cam video, and interviews are on the Village of Mahomet's website for anyone to view. Mahomet Police Chief, Michael Metzler, says law enforcement is trying to be as transparent as possible.

Dracy Clint Pendleton shot Mahomet Police Officer Jeremy Scharlow on May 7, 2016. It all started when another officer, Ryan Rich, pulled Pendleton over for minor traffic violations, including lack of tail lights. Recently released dash cam video shows Pendleton getting angry at the officer.

A few minutes later, Officer Scharlow passed a truck, which pulled into a driveway on South Vine Street. Officer Scharlow intended to let the driver of the car know his headlights were not working. The driver, identified as Dracy Clint Pendleton, began screaming and punching at Scharlow.

The officer attempted to tase Pendleton and that's when Pendleton reached for a gun and shot the officer.

Pendleton lead authorities, including the FBI, on a week-long man hunt in Pope County following the incident, where he was killed by law enforcement.

Officer Scharlow has been cleared after an extensive investigation.

"From our standpoint, I think the officers that were involved that evening did everything they could, to the best of their ability and training, to handle what was presented to them," says Mahomet Police Chief Michael Metzler. "As we looked at the reports and the information we were able to gather and the investigative team was able to gather, we determined that there was no violation of policy and the three officers involved did a great job addressing the attack of Officer Scharlow."

Seven official reports, hundreds of crime scene photographs from the crime scene, interviews, and dash cam videos can be found on the Village of Mahomet's website: http://www.mahomet-il.gov/index.asp?SEC=BE96AC51-0C2A-4618-AD4D-A732C8481E0F&Type=B_BASIC

"Our point of view is that in an effort to be as transparent as possible and give everyone as much information as possible," says Metzler, "we're trying to put it out there for anyone that has an interest in the case."


MAHOMET - In an update to a story WAND has followed since May 2016, the Mahomet Police Department has announced the investigation into the shooting of a police officer by Dracy Clint Pendleton has been completed.

Mahomet police say the investigation into the May 7 shooting of Officer Jeremy Scharlow and the subsequent search and death of Pendleton was handled by several law enforcement agencies, as well as the Champaign County Multi-Jurisdictional Investigative Team.  Authorities say Pendleton shot Scharlow in the 600 block of South Vine Street, and that Scharlow returned fire.  Additional information on this incident will be released by the Mahomet Police Department in the near future.

According to a review of the incident by the Champaign County State's Attorney's Office, Officer Scharlow, "acted appropriately in this matter," and that "there are no indications of any wrongdoing on his part."  An additional internal review found no violations of policy by Officer Scharlow, or two other officers involved in the incident.

Pendleton went on the run from authorities after the May 7 incident, with Pendleton dying after an exchange of gunfire in southern Illinois on May 15.

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