Springfield entrepreneur to be featured at 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show

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SPRINGFIELD - A central Illinois entrepreneur's newest invention aims to help transform the average home into a "smart" home at an affordable price.

The invention, called "Puck," was created by Springfield entrepreneur Barnabus Helmy, and is designed to control multiple infrared devices in your home from your smartphone's touchscreen.  A release from Helmy's company, SmashToast, Inc., states that Puck is the "smallest Bluetooth Low Energy to infrared bridge on the market today."

The tiny device is also set to make a big debut, as Helmy and Puck will be featured at the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show.

Puck is manufactured in Jacksonville, Illinois, and costs $30.  At the time of this writing, Puck works exclusively with devices running iOS, and an app needed to run the device may be found on the Apple App Store.

For more information about Puck, click here.

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