Gov. Rauner announces start of "Reasonable Suspicion" drug and alcohol screening

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SPRINGFIELD - State employees who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or other substances could face "reasonable suspicion" drug and alcohol testing, according to a release from Governor Bruce Rauner's Office.

In the release, it is stated that the implementation of this new policy was part of the state's contract offer during negotiations with AFSCME, and that random drug and alcohol screenings are not allowed under the policy.  However, state employees may be tested if, "specific objective facts and circumstances warrant rational inferences that a person may be under the influence of alcohol or a banned substance."

Under the policy, state employees would be subject to screening if they have a pattern of erratic behavior, if they are seen using the substance or have physical symptoms of being under the influence of a substance, or if information regarding substance use is provided by reliable or credible sources, and can be independently confirmed.

All testing records will remain confidential, and individuals who test positive will generally be suspended for 30 days and enrolled in a confidential Employee Assistance Program.

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