Illinois General Assembly Approves Legislation to Keep Clinton Exelon Plant Open


Springfield - In Clinton, and the rest of DeWitt County, it's well-known about the importance of Exelon's power plant to the local jobs, economy, and tax base.

For the people hoping for legislation to save the Clinton plant, and the Quad Cities plant, Thursday's vote at the Illinois State Capitol was a make or break moment.

The legislation had been through the ringer and back in days leading up to the vote, seeing amendments added during the last few days, as well as some that were removed before Thursday's vote.

Some lawmakers said that they couldn't support the legislation because they viewed it as a bailout for a company that raked in billions of dollars in profits last year.

Others said that while the bill comes with lots of questions, and uncertainties, the one thing not in question, was the importance of this bill to local and state economies and employment, as well as the risk of a massive increase to energy rates.

"If we fail to take action I am firmly convinced that Illinois consumers will suffer and their rates will get dramatically, dramatically out of hand," said state representative Jim Durkin (R-Burr Ridge).

The matter would go on to pass in the House by a vote of 63-38.  In the Senate, the legislation's amendments would receive approval, meaning that the bill passed in both chambers.

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