Decatur woman uncovers WWII-era newspaper


As Hazel Fenner of Decatur sifted through boxes in her home, she found a surprise.

“I was looking for something else … and I ran into that paper, and I thought 'I forgot about having that,’” Fenner said.

She had found a neatly folded copy of the Decatur Herald and Review from April 1945; the front page included extensive reports on the funeral for President Franklin Roosevelt. Other front-page stories detailed the arrests of high-ranking Nazis, updates on the fighting of American troops and meetings of President Harry Truman with European diplomats.

Fenner said she remembers her childhood during those days, especially the need to keep towns and homes dark at night to protect them from enemy bombs.

“There was to be no light anyplace,” Fenner said. “My grandmother would say ‘It’s getting so we need to turn the lights on.’ We’d have to pull the curtains, then we went to bed early.”

Fenner said she hopes to sell the newspaper to someone who could put it in a museum.

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