Lisa Taylor Takes on New Role as Superintendent of Heyworth School District

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Lisa Taylor is well known in the Decatur community, serving as an educator and recently, the former superintendent of District 61.

"There's lots of jobs out there as you know, but this just felt like home as soon as I came to interview, so I knew this was what I wanted to do," said Lisa Taylor, referring to her new promotion to superintendent of Heyworth school district.

After taking a position as the principal for Heyworth Junior-Senior High School, Taylor is now taking on a new role as the district's superintendent.

"I try to be a caring leader that's a good listener and that is really developing people. I think that's what we do in education, and we need to get a little further away from to standardized tests and worry about what's best for this child," said Taylor.

Her new role is one she's happy to be taking on.

"It's nice to be working with people, that what you're doing as a superintendent is directly impacting their children. It's put it into a great perspective for the board and the superintendent," added Taylor.

Her objectives in the position include expanding both dual credit courses, and work based training for students.

"Being a smaller school, we have a smaller curriculum, and we also have students who take algebra and geometry in junior high. So, they are taking pre-calc and calculus when they are sophomores and juniors. We are trying to expand so those students have classes to take their junior and senior years. We are also working on a lot of career and technical exposure and also work based learning experience, providing kids with internships and that sort of thing,” Taylor explains.

With a continued priority of making a difference for all students and their education.

"My biggest goal is that I meet their kids needs, and for each kid I believe that's different. My goal is to push people and to encourage people and support them, and guide them to the highest level they can be," said Taylor.

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