Millikin opens exhibit of '60s posters


Dozens of posters from the 1960s psychedelic era went on display at Millikin University’s Kirkland Fine Arts Center Thursday morning.

The posters, which are featured in an exhibit called “Peace, Love, and Posters,” are part of a collection owned by Marc Willis of Decatur. Willis inherited hundreds of posters from his brother Reese, who was involved in the San Francisco psychedelic scene in the 1960s.

The exhibit, which also features album covers, furniture and clothing from the 1960s, is meant to be fun and inviting to those who seldom attend art events, said Millikin student Sydney Doherty.

“Sometimes, the exhibits here can be a little academic, so that’s why we’re expecting a little bigger turnout for this one,” Doherty said. “People who aren’t necessarily in the academic crowd may come out here because it’s more fun and it’s more accessible.”

The event runs Monday through Friday at Kirkland Fine Arts Center. It continues through February 24.

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