Illini Republican Organization Reacts to Protests Against President Trump's Executive Order

Champaign -

Protesters are saying Trump’s executive order is discriminatory towards those of the Muslim faith, but the Illini Republicans feel the president's order is being taken out of context.

"It just puts a 90-day restriction on entrance for non-green card holders from seven terror prone states," said Timothy Kilcullen, Vice President of the Illini Republicans.

The organization is disappointed at how the University of Illinois administration responded to the protest.

"They don't speak for the Illini. They don't speak for most of our students,” added Timothy.  “I'd also hope the people take away that the Illini students don't really like it when the facility and chancellor make broad political generalizations on behalf of everyone."

They feel that the protesters are misinformed about what the Executive Order implies.

"We're really disappointed the organizers at the rally were using terms like Muslim ban that is not what trumps executive order was about,” states Timothy. “We really feel that when the organizers would say something like that, that's just flat out not true it really inflames tensions and causes a lot of issues. "

The Illini Republicans are hopeful that by speaking out, they will help others understand their point of view.

"We've researched this issue. We feel very strongly about it, and we want everyone on the campus to feel welcome,” said Timothy.  “We really care strongly about the freedom of religion. We'd never want anybody to be persecuted for that."

The Illini Republicans will meet for their monthly meeting on Thursday, where they plan to have an event in repose to the protests that took place on Monday.

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